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About Padma Enterprises

The Company was Incorporated on 29th July, at New Delhi. The Company was promoted by Rakesh B. Mittal and managed by a board of professionals. The company manufacture electronic push button telephone instruments. The Company's products are marketed under the brand name `BEETEL'.

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Our Approach

Tele communications refer to the transmission of information over distances for the purpose of communication.In the modern age of electronics and electricity, telecommunication includes the use of electrical devices, radio and microwave communications, fiber optics, orbiting satellites and the Internet..

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Our history

Working since 1965
The bizarre history of cellphone towers disguised as trees. The bizarre history of concealed towers, Why these "trees" look so ridiculous

Over the past few decades, as cellphone networks have grown, thousands of antenna towers designed to look vaguely like trees have been built across the United States. Although these towers are intended to camouflage a tower's aesthetic impact on the landscape, they typically do the opposite: most look like what an alien from a treeless planet might create if told to imagine a tree.This is also why you so seldom see towers designed as deciduous trees, even in areas where they're much more common than pines — their branching structure makes them more complex and more expensive to build. Pines, palms, and cacti are much easier to approximate in plastic and fiberglass.

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We make all type of Cell Phone Tower

Cell phone towers are structures built on specific parcels of land that are designed to accommodate wireless tenants. Wireless tenants utilize cell towers to deploy various technologies to a subscriber base, such as telephony, mobile data, television and radio. Cell towers are typically built by tower companies or wireless carriers.

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